Business Plan

Marketing Plan

  • Provide help 3000 Rs. and get help 3000 Rs.

  • Topup your account with 500 Rs.

  • 1500 Rs. per pair matching on your both leg side.
    Pair 1:1 pair matching.
    There is no any carry forwarded
    Per cutoff 1 pair capping
    Closing Criteria
    12 am to 12 pm
    12 pm to 12 am

  • You will get 5% daily growth income.

  • For providing help banking transaction should be done within 24 hrs otherwise id will be block.

  • For receiver confirmation payment approval is 24 hrs otherwise your id will be blocked.

  • After providing help you will get help from 1 person.

  • They provide help and get help and get help process can be done in INR and payment mode (paytm, google pay, phone pe, Internet Banking).

  • The fake slip issue will not be entertained , immediately an ID will be BLOCKED